product description

Our goal is to design and build an AIoT based Manufacturing Execution Support System (MESS) to conduct real-time collection and verification of the operation data of Small to Mid sized Manufacturers (SMMs) to improve production management efficiency and build information exchange channels between companies and financial institutions to support overall risk management. The most notable technology used is our proprietary Deep-Learning based Object Detection & Tracking models, deployed in our EdgeAI devices setup in crucial production stages such as assembly lines, warehouses, and logistic routes.


The initial installation fee can be decided by the size of the manufacturer output, which for small and medium-sized manufacturers is around $15,000.

Easy to Install

The time of the installation and deployment of the AIoT system can be within weeks.

Data Privacy Guaranteed

Original data (including visual images) are all indexed and processed at the Edge Server inside the intranet to ensure its safety.

Data Security

The data transmission process is highly encrypted using TLS and RSA technologies, and the data cannot be tampered with during the data acquisition process.

Multifaceted data verification

Through multi-dimensional data collection, the transparency and accuracy of data are improved, comparing to traditional supply-chain based financing, the over-reliance on ERP data is reduced.

ERA Machine-Vision & Edge AI technologies in Warehouse Management

Automated Warehouse Tracking Solution

Our client is a garment manufacturer whose large selection of women’s clothing is marketed under private labels through major retail and online stores.

Garment manufacturer’s Challenge:

The life cycle of the garment is short and it is important to find whether there is the inventory to be sold, at the same time, warehouse supervisors depend on the personnel to keep track of garments.

ERA’s Solution:

Create an automatic process to move garments within the warehouses, zones, racks, and finally to shipping. Relying on machine vision to scan garment barcodes and assigned them to the rack and rail barcodes, thus improve storage efficiency and reduce operating costs.

Business Values:

Capturing data at the source of the transaction and as the garments move within the warehouse,

removes paper-based data entries, avoiding typos and duplicate data entry

Easy to use solution for warehouse personnel

Personal Gestures Recognition

Early warning & identification of improper personal gestures to reduce the probability of damaged and missing parts.

Goods appearance inspection

Monitor the goods and packages in circulation, identify damaged packages and the degree of damage, locate the damaged parts and the responsible parties in time, and reducing customer complaints.

Warehouse security monitoring

Real-time monitoring of potential safety hazers such as fire sources, drips, leaks, thefts, etc. in the warehouse to avoid property losses.


The ERA AIoT solution combines multi-dimensional IoT interface to comprehensively collect manufacturers’ production and operation data, and perform desensitization locally, and then encrypt and transmit them to financial institutions. Multi-category IoT interfaces can assist data verification, and further ensure their authenticity and accuracy.


e-Cam is a proprietary industrial vision camera by ERA to effectively capture the production and operation status of manufacturers in industrial production scenarios. The camera has a zoomable lens with fast edge computing & real-time image processing capabilities, it also supports 5G wireless transmission


The ERP and MES systems of the manufacturers can effectively connect the entire life cycle of order management. The upstream and downstream data of the ERP system provide order, logistics, and capital data for the overall solution. These data will be cross-checked with sensor data to increase authenticity. The company's MES system is responsible for providing additional support for the data collected by e-Cam, such as the order number currently being produced on the production line and the subsequent order production plan.

Production Monitoring Dashboard

Digital Production Service Platform can be used to improve digital management level. The dashboard has different modes of visualization and can thus be compiled and optimized for every need and application. All recorded data can be organized here as required. This enables up-to-date control of the productivity of the production, process, and operating data.


In the ERA AIoT solution, industrial sensors (such as electricity & water meters, temperature and humidity sensors, etc.) are responsible for the environmental monitoring of the production line and provide auxiliary data support for production operation monitoring. These data will be indexed locally and uploaded to customized dashboards to assist product traceability management and risk management for the manufacturers.

Solution Use Case

In 2020, ERA Helps a cardboard box manufacturer to monitor its raw materials intake speed, assembly-line production rate, and warehouse shipping output in real-time, thus can calculate real revenue/cost ratio instantly, also by comparing cardboard box production rate to its defect rate, deduce the optimal conveyor belt speed, sending an alert if speed is breaching the threshold, avoiding expensive tool breakdowns and saving $$$ on operation costs.


Using cutting-edge technology to collect and model the operating data of manufacturing companies in real-time, and build information exchange channels for companies and financial institutions to support the overall risk control of financial institutions.


Product Features

Professional and User Friendly

With multiple-decades of experience in the banking and financial industry, ERA members have dedicatedly designed our product to cope with a user's hobby and behavior, and deliver professional analytics and presentations.

Non-Invasive and Painless

ERA is not a disruptive force – it does not require customers to change the company's governance structure or to invest multi-million dollars upfront on technology infrastructure; rather, it works with the company's existing structure and system, and enhances the efficiency of the structure and system.

Flexible and Customizable

ERA always has the mindset to serve every one of our client's specific need. Instead of a one-fits-all solution, ERA provides customization services to work with a client's specific business strategy, data, system, reporting and other considerations.

Innovative and Reliable

ERA's solution uses the state-of-the-art Cloud, Business Intelligence and Artificial Intelligence technologies, and partners with the Technology industry's leading service providers to provide 24-7 customer support services with an on-shore team.

Credentials and Partners

ERA's Credentials

The platform is evaluated at the "Future of Quantitative Risk Management" by the Committee of the 1st International Model Risk Management Conference (with 500 bankers, consultants and regulators as participants from 30+ countries)